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Terms & Conditions

The information provided here by user of the site are not responsible for www.chukraa.com. Its up to individual who does the former.

All information’s provided must not violate IT act 2000, 2005. Must compile within those standards. If any illegal information shared or provided by user. Him or her or they may be inclined for legal consequences. www.chukraa.com doesn’t entertain and accept those misconducts such as hatred speech, using foul languages, harassments through verbal or physical. Tread to the unity of nation. Pornography contents or videos or images or links process on the webpage. Well etc. which violates IT act 2000 or amendments following the former. The “Individual him or her is very much held responsible if not obedient and responsible for the greater compliance of the former cases”. Firm/website will bid to all legal compliances and doesn’t encourage any illegal activities on the website.

Copyright infringement, using our trademark and contents of our website or duplicating our webpage / source code without our formal consent is illegal. Are subject to legal consequences.

The information of the site is protected. But attempt to or making use of information on our site for illegal uses would be subjected to legal consequences under IT act 2000.

The firm/website have all rights to alter privacy policy and terms with or without prior notice to the users.